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Rosemary is a professional, licensed cosmetologist. Her extensive training in glamour photography earned her the coveted title of head Makeup Artist in a well known and succesful photography studio. She now offers her skills for any woman who needs prfessional makeup application for their own photograph session, bridal portrait sitting, wedding day or any other special event. She can create a variety of looks, including very natural, highly glamorous, and extremely dramatic.





I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you once again for you and your partner's amazing work on my wedding day. I never felt so beautiful, but I still felt like me. The makeup was flawless and natural with a bit of dramatic flair - it was just perfect! And even though I wasn't a fan of hairspray, I'm so glad you both just did what was needed; because of the gobs of hairspray my hair looked just as radiant at midnight as it did at 3 in the afternoon surviving South Padre's wind storm! Thank you!!
As beautiful as you made me it doesn't even compare to my flower girls!! They absolutely stole the show and the hearts of everybody. Their hair was exactly what I had imagined and I wasn't even there to guide you in the proper direction. Amazing! The makeup was minimal and extremely appropriate for girls 10 and 8. Thank you for fulfilling their dream of getting to wear makeup, but still managing to maintain their innocence.
Your makeover on my mom have people thinking she had a facelift!! I'm dead serious! You did such a fantastic job that my own step-sister thought she had plastic surgery! :-)
If you ever need a recommendation please don't hesitate in giving them my name and number. I mean that Rosa. You and your friend are very professional, extremely talented, and peacefully reassuring. Because I had our pretrial in a horribly lit room and then decided I needed a couple more highlights, everything we decided regarding hair and makeup was null and void. You had to completely start from scratch on my wedding day, and due to my health you only had 2 and a half hours to create an entirely new look, with no room for error. You had every right to panic, scream and yell, and be overwhelmed with anxiety and frustration; but instead you calmly told me not to worry and that you would make me look beautiful. Your peaceful confidence instantly put me at ease and all my worries and concerns faded away. You truly have a gift.
Everyone was so happy and thankful that you and your friend were part of our special day. Thank you so much Rosa Maria!!
Kim Fix

Mc Allen, Texas

Thank you so much for a great hair & make-up session yesterday!

I really liked the way my hair and make-up turned out. The make-up looked fresh for hours after your applied it, and it lasted into the late hours of the night without any touch-ups. The trial run gave me a great idea of what to expect for my wedding day. After I get my bridal portraits back, I will examine how the make-up and hair came out in the pictures, and I'll let you know if I want to make any adjustments (for example, possibly filling in gaps in my lashes with individual fake lashes).

I'm sorry I was in my room changing when you left my parents' house and that I didn't get to say a final thanks and good-bye. Please know that I really enjoyed the session and look forward to working with you again on my wedding day on April 9th!



Edinburg, Texas

Myrna, Bride - Edinburg, TX. 

Kim Fix, Bride - Mc Allen, TX. 

My Services provided to location of your choice.

Feel free to contact me at or 956-337-8921



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